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The Tech Interview

What do I have to expect as a software engineer in a tech interview?

The 5th edition of 4scotty’s Tech Recruiter. In the last edition of our tech recruiter, we discussed the various steps of an interview process for software experts. Today, we focus on the actual tech interview itself.

In interview with Salim Chujfi, CTO of the Sabienzia, the cloud contact center in Berlin. Salim is CTO for 15 years and has interviewed hundreds of developers.

  • Interviewing a software engineer for a job at Sabienza, what is most of interest?
  • What are typical questions and how do you rate the answers?
  • How about coding tests?
  • And one-day work trials and do candidates ask for this?
  • What is Salim recommending less experienced IT leaders conducting tech interviews?
  • What to recommend software engineers preparing for a job interview?

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